Sale Announcement, selling scraps Announcement.

Mr. / Vice-Rector of Alzaiem Alazhari University wants to get rid of scrap (wood, doors, Iron, fans and motors, air conditioners and small water coolers, computers and photocopiers, electrical cables, medical devices, zinc, various chairs, fire extinguishers, cars scrap, Machinery car batteries tires) for the public tender according to the provisions of the Purchase and Contracting Law and the disposal of surplus for the year 2010A.D and its explanatory regulations for the year 2011A.D.

Place: Alzaiem Alazhari University Time: Thursday, April 16, 2020

Conditions for submitting the public tender: – Obtaining the tender leaflet from the office of the university’s representative / vice- Rector after paying the estimated fees of 1,000 Sudanese pounds, which does not returned.

Initial insurance paid 2% of the total value of the purchases by certified check or letter or an unconditional and effective bank guarantee in the name of Mr. / General Manager of Public Administration for purchase, contract and disposal of surplus) is completed for the successful bidder and return for those who do not deserve it.

The value of the purchases shall be paid in cash or by a certified check in the name of Mr. / Vice-Rector of Alzaiem Alazhari University.

The buyer pays 8% interest fees for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

The buyer pays 18.36% VAT (value + fees) in favor of Tax Office.

The buyer is given 72 hours from the tender date to pay for the purchases and in case of non-payment the purchase shall be forfeited in favor of Mr. / Vice-Rector of Alzaiem Alazhari University.

The buyer is given a week as an opportunity from the date of the tender to withdraw the purchases and in case of failure of withdrawal the buyers  pays 2% of the value of purchases for each week of delay.

You can preview and see the items that must be disposed of daily from 9 am to 1 am.

The last day for receiving the envelopes is on Thursday, 16 / April / 2020 12:00 am, and the envelopes should be opened on the same day at 12:30 pm.

The bid is indivisible, and bidders may attend the envelopes opening process. For inquiries, please call the following numbers: 0900127277 – 0912908509