Chancellor Speech

I would like to welcome you on the official website of Al-Zaeim Al-Azhari University (AAU).

AAU was established in the year 1993.  It is as you find while browsing our webpage this university was inaugurated at that time. Since then the university has pursued its painstaking endeavor to advance the educational process with intent to graduate a qualified cadre armed with science, knowledge and most importantly armed with awareness and ethical obligations.

The university strives to integratively play its different roles in providing science and knowledge, scientific research and community service. In this regard, the university performs several activities through its various colleges and departments. The university employs an array of mechanisms for communicating with the different universities and research centers both inside and outside Sudan. This includes relations with universities at the regional level as we did with African universities and with international universities outside the African continent.

Sudan has a long lasting tradition and heritage in contributing to the civilization of mankind throughout its long history. For instance, Meroe was a pioneering center for civilization and enlightenment. In Meroe, humans for the first time melted iron. A great achievement as such had influenced the development of humanity. Such example shows our deeply-seated contribution to human knowledge and its production from ancient times.  Therefore, to retain such state of our country, and to bridge the chasm between that great past and the unsatisfactory present we have to exert much efforts. In this way, the country can confidently stride on the right track and we can fulfill our goals by seeing our country in its right place among countries in today’s world.

Sudan is characterized by its great wealth; most notably of these is its human wealth. The country has array of individuals armed with science, knowledge and their antique civilization background.

The university will spare no atom of effort to march on the path of development. It will try its best to overcome obstacles through highly qualifying its staff members and faculty. In so doing we follow the footsteps of our eternal civilization and its values. One of these values and teachings were embodied in the words of Khalbut Baanakhi: “I never take the properties of the temple for myself. Instead; I offer bread for those hungry, water for those thirsty and the clothing for nude ones. I would walk on the path of the Creator to draw the road for the descendants who would come after me in this world, and to those who follow them and forever”.

Prof. Elwaleed ElaminChancellor