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I would like to welcome you on the official website of Al-Zaeim Al-Azhari University (AAU).

AAU was established in the year 1993.  It is as you find while browsing our webpage this university was inaugurated at that time. Since then the university has pursued its painstaking endeavor to advance the educational process with intent to graduate a qualified cadre armed with science, knowledge and most importantly armed with awareness and ethical obligations….

Prof. Elwaleed Elamin

About Our University

In the beginning of the year 1990, the president decree was issued for the formation of the committee for the rehabilitation of the Al-Said Asmael Al-Azhari intermediate school. The committee started its businesses by the first meeting held in the musical weapon in Bahri under the supervision of the Brigadier Hassan Karkab.

The meeting was repeated for the second time in the Republican Palace under the supervision of the colonel Mohammed Mahmud Jama associated with attendance of high-minded of patriotic party, and on the presenting the republican decree text which was the rehabilitation of Asmael Al-Azhari intermediate school for girls.


Over 3000 registered students, more than 200 educational resources and much much more

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Scientific Journals

The university has many published scientific journals, copies can be obtained from here

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Digital repository

More than 4000 academic theses, more than 2000 scientific papers and many many scientific sources

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A comprehensive catalog of all university libraries

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Alzaiem Alazhari University Video

Take a close view in AAU and you will find the best university in the sudan. The video will take you through university history .

Postgraduate College

Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University is considered one of the leading universities in the field of graduate studies in Sudan

Academic Affairs

Academic affairs are the academic responsibility of the university

Students Affairs

Student Affairs is the Deanship responsible for students and their issues
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